Decision Based Science Analytics

A large global casino entertainment company saw a critical need to implement decision based science analytics to more effectively track, analyze and provide supreme services to on-site casino customers during stays. Legacy business analytic technologies were inadequate at dealing with the type and volumes of data that were collected.

Retail Product Inventory Search

A large global retail company has millions of products and product attributes. This data is processed at a peak throughput required to provide the needed data to merchandising staff to track and manage the business dynamically. This client’s challenge was to organize and make sense of the volumes of product data.

Exadata Conversion Project

In retail businesses, today, the need for analysis of patterns of customer transactions is getting increasingly more diverse and difficult to track. Stronger business analytics solutions are in high demand for this big data analytics quandary. A major North American retailer decided to modernize its analytics technologies that would improve the analysis and reporting of its data.

Retail POS Predictive Analytics

A retail client needed to increase basket value and optimize margins leveraging consumer behavior and purchase history data. With customers increasingly empowered by technologies that deliver real time access to in-store information and offers, their BI infrastructure was limiting and needed upgrading.

Tableau Improves Sales Performance

A global leader in footwear manufacturing concern needs an instant visibility of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of its entire footwear products around the world. This paves the way for an interactive visual analysis and reporting framework, which can be discussed among manifold teams spread worldwide, to gain insights and build rapid decisions.

Retail 360° Customer View

One industry that is deriving great value from big data is retail sales. Online retailers evaluate shopper visits to their sites—what pages they look at, where they linger, how long they stay, and where they go next. These retailers depend on integrating unstructured social media data with structured transaction data to obtain a 360° view of customers that is useful in personalizing their customers online experience.

Impact of Power BI in Insurance Industry

In insurance companies, the data is torrential from policy sales, fraud, claims, and coverage complexities. Increasing efficacy and profitability is crucial for everyone in a business, and to attain this, data plays a vital task. Insurance companies demands better insights to be able to attain a more holistic outlook of enterprise performance.