Centizen Apps Affiliate Network

Centizen Apps introduces the Centizen Apps Affiliate Network. This affiliate network is organized around a peer group of experienced information technology experts who share the common goal of helping companies build best-of-breed information technology solutions, practices, methodologies, services and products, and realize the value of collaborating with Centizen Apps and other affiliate information technology professionals and services firms to maximize the delivery of real business value through the effective use of technology and data at clients.

Information technology expertise covers a broad array of domains, technologies and services, which cannot be mastered by any one individual; however, a network of information technology experts partnering together can provide more comprehensive information technology solutions to our clients than is possible working in isolation.

Centizen Apps differentiator: Unlike many professional affiliations, Centizen Apps intends to build and maintain a close-knit network of affiliate technology professionals and services firms who:

  • Collaborate on multiple aspects of business information technology and compensates its members beyond the traditional sub-contracting reciprocation.

  • Participate in sales commissions on leads for project and staffing solutions at new accounts provided to Centizen Apps and with Centizen Apps project engagements.

  • Jointly create methodologies and related toolsets that can be resold as a part of similar solutions to other clients.

  • Realize a multiplier effect that allows the affiliates to be less dependent on a pure consulting model.

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